AWTA stands for Austin Women’s Tennis Association.

AWTA memberships are available to any interested female, age 19 or older. Annual membership costs $20, and runs from June 1-May 31 of the following year.

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Yes. You can play Championship-Flight 7 for your club and Seniors for AWTA. This change first took effect for the Fall 2005 WTTA season.

Not in Championship or Flights 1-7. You have to choose one club affiliation – either your private club or AWTA. Things are a little different in the seniors (see next question).

Good question! In general, beginning players start at Flight 7, unless they have advanced athletic skills. Gifted athletes may be ready to play Flight 5-6 shortly after starting tennis lessons. Championship and Flight 1 includes very skilled and experienced players, some of whom played college tennis and/or coach tennis locally.

WTTA rules allow clubs to list their team players on whichever team best fits their collective level. (If a club has only one Flight 3 player, but has a Flight 2 team, that player may have to play Flight 2. However, a higher-flight player is not allowed to “play down” in a lower flight just to round out a team.) One good way to “test the waters” of various flights is to sign up on the sub list and substitute at different levels. You could participate in an AWTA event and ask the players on court with you to suggest a level. Or you can contact our squad rep for names of captains looking for players or subs at the level you think fits best.

Let the captains know you are interested in playing or subbing and ask if they can let you play in afun match or at their team clinic. The captains can then help you determine your appropriate flight.

WTTA roster submission deadlines, substitute submission deadlines, league start dates, awards luncheon date, etc., are published on the WTTA website.

WTTA LEAGUE PLAY – (Women’s Team Tennis of Austin) organizes interclub weekday tennis for women throughout Central Texas. AWTA provides a way for women who aren’t affiliated with a tennis club to play WTTA Leagues. WTTA League play consists of 9 flights – Super Championship (the highest level) through Flight 7 (for players just starting out), as well as a separate league for Seniors (55 and up). Play is Monday-Thursday for the 9 main flights; Friday for Seniors.

AWTA has been a WTTA mainstay since 1960 and has won the WTTA excellence award so many times that it was retired in our name in the mid 1990s. For more information, including WTTA match regulations, see  WTTA rules.

AWTA grants help support Austin city tennis centers, Capital Area Tennis Association (CATA), and junior programs such as National Junior Tennis League (NJTL), Central Texas Tennis Association (CTTA) and Set2Serve. Grant applications are accepted during the summer months and grants are awarded annually based on need, merit and availability of funds. Funding for AWTA grant awards is budgeted each year. Revenue from membership dues (which are extremely reasonable at $20 per year) plus profits from member events finance the grants program.

In 2014, $4,000 was awarded to various local tennis organizations.  “Set2Serve” received $1000, “Rippner Tennis” $750, “CATA” $500, and “CTTA” $1750.

Contact the AWTA if you would like additional information.

Our Flight 2 teams play on Tuesdays,  Flight 4 on Wednesdays, and Championship & Flight 1 play on Thursdays. Our Seniors play on Fridays.  See WTTA Schedule By Club. 

The USTA is the national governing body for the sport of tennis and the recognized leader in developing the game at every level in the U.S. – from local communities to the crown jewel of the professional game, the U.S. Open. Established in 1881, the USTA is a progressive and diverse not-for-profit organization whose volunteers, staff and financial resources support a single mission – to promote and develop tennis. The USTA is the largest tennis organization in the world, with 17 regional sections (Texas being the 3rd largest and fastest growing) with more than 640,000 members nationwide.

AWTA has no direct connection to the USTA. However, our competitive teams abide by USTA rules. Although AWTA does not provide any USTA teams, many of our members are also USTA members and league players.

WTTA stands for Women’s Team Tennis of Austin. It is a daytime weekday ladies’ tennis league currently offering interclub play for 9 different competitive levels (all ages) and a separate league for seniors (55 or older). In WTTA leagues, AWTA functions as any other tennis club in the city: We provide an organization that women can join – a kind of citywide “home club” – from which to play local league tennis. The only difference is that our teams use public courts (and sometimes other local community facilities) as their home courts.