AWTA Bylaws

Austin Women’s Tennis Association Bylaws
Constructed 2003, Revised 2008, 2009, 2012, 2015

I. Meetings

1.1  The AWTA Board (Officers and Standing Committee Chairs) will hold meetings at a time and place as set by the President and
approved by the AWTA Board at the board planning meeting in early summer.  August, January and April are suggested months for
meetings so that WTTA season information can be conveyed (August and January), and the AWTA budget and slate of officers for the
coming fiscal year can be determined (April). A representative of each AWTA/WTTA team (a rostered team member or sub) must
attend each AWTA Meeting. All other AWTA members are invited to attend.

1.2  The dates, time and location for all meetings for the year will be announced to the membership after the planning meeting via email
and also published on the website.  Reminders will be sent to team captains at least one week prior to each meeting.

1.3  An Annual Meeting of the membership will be held in May to elect/install officers for the next fiscal year. This meeting can be held in conjunction with an End of Year Playday/Luncheon event.

1.4  A board planning meeting will be held in June or July to orient new board members to AWTA procedures and to discuss organization goals and events, determine board meeting dates and times, and set the calendar for the upcoming year. The outgoing/incoming Treasurers will present the end of year financial report at this meeting.

The incoming President will call the planning meeting at a location and date of her choice. All Officers and Standing Committee Chairs must attend this meeting (team representatives are not required).  Proposed dates for all events should be checked against national holiday dates as well as school district holiday dates prior to scheduling.
If cash from the prior fiscal year is available for grants, the President will appoint a Grants Committee Chairperson to solicit grant
applications and recommend grant awards at a subsequent AWTA Meeting. At that meeting, those present will vote, by show of
hands, for the grant awards to be given.

1.5  Special meetings of the AWTA Board during the year for emergency or other reasons can be called by the President, with the agreement of two other AWTA officers.  If they determine that team representation is necessary, notification of meeting time and place will be sent via email to team captains at least one week in advance.


2.1  WTTA teams playing on AWTA’s roster are encouraged, but not required, to use public courts as their home courts. If more teams wish to play at the same facility than space allows, the returning team takes precedence. Teams wishing to play on courts other than public courts must provide written proof of those courts’ availability for the entire season and must obtain approval from the AWTA/WTTA Representative.

2.2  All WTTA teams playing on AWTA’s roster must send a team member or sub to represent them at each AWTA Meeting. One person can represent up to two teams (both her flight team and her senior team).  All members of any team not represented at an AWTA meeting will be ineligible for play for AWTA during the next WTTA season (either Spring or Fall).  A reminder of the attendance requirement will be published each time a notice of a meeting is sent. Teams or their representatives are expected to come to every meeting; exclusions to this rule may be made at the discretion of the board.

2.3  WTTA team captains will submit their team rosters and sub lists, as well as the team fee, at a time and location as specified by the WTTA Representative. The WTTA Representative, in conjunction with the Membership Chairperson, will confirm current membership status of all players and subs.

2.4  Each AWTA team not represented on the AWTA Board or as a committee chair may be required to assist with at least one event or committee upon the request of the President.

III. Communication

3.1  A post office box will be maintained to provide a USPS mailing address for AWTA.

3.2  A website will be maintained to represent AWTA and to communicate with members. The website will contain the Constitution and Bylaws of AWTA, a list of the AWTA Board Members with their contact information, and a calendar of events for the current year. The website will also contain news and information about the activities of the organization, including announcement of future events and reporting of past events. Entry forms for membership and upcoming events will be available for printing on the website. The website may contain other information as appropriate.

3.3  An announcement for each AWTA event will be sent to all members via email. All members will be notified via email when website changes and updates have occurred. News and other important information related to AWTA membership will also be sent to all members via email.

3.4  A list of current AWTA members and their contact information will be provided to each AWTA member in a manner and form determined annually at or before the April AWTA Meeting.

3.5  AWTA membership information will be made available to AWTA members for AWTA purposes only.

IV. Awards

The AWTA membership may, from time to time, elect to honor a member for outstanding service or other achievement by the presentation of a Spirit Award.

V. Finances

5.1  Annual membership dues will be set at a level to provide sufficient cash to pay for all budgeted AWTA fiscal year operating expenses. A proposed operating budget for the upcoming fiscal year will be presented at the April AWTA Meeting by the Treasurer and President Elect. The proposed budget may also contain an amount designated for grant awards and/or other non-operating expenses. The proposed budget must be approved by a 2/3 majority of those present.

5.2  Events sponsored by the AWTA for members and/or guests, unless otherwise authorized by vote of the Board, must be self supported by participation fees.

5.3  Fundraising projects for various purposes may be sponsored by AWTA as approved by the AWTA Board. Expenses for such projects must be self supported.

5.4  Cash collected for membership dues for the new fiscal year and cash to cover accounts payable from the prior year will be carried forward to the new fiscal year each June 1. Any excess cash above that amount may be awarded as a grant(s).

5.5  The President will appoint one or two persons as an Audit Committee in June of each year to review AWTA’s financial records and procedures to verify that AWTA financial transactions are being correctly recorded. The Committee will report its findings at the August (or first scheduled) AWTA meeting.

VI. Changes to the Bylaws

Changes to the Bylaws may be made by a majority vote of members present at an AWTA Meeting. Members will be notified of proposed changes to the Bylaws, and the date and location of the meeting at which a vote will occur, at least one month prior to the vote.

(Revised Bylaws approved 10/14/15)